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Golden Gun Club

Golden Gun Club

Denver's Premier Shooting Facility

Membership Information

We offer two types of memberships: Full Membership which grants full access to the club's facilities, and an Shotgun Membership which grants access to our Trap and Skeet Range at discounted rates. We are a 100% National Rifle Association (NRA) club and NRA membership is required for membership in Golden Gun Club.

Shotgun Membership:

Shotgun Members may use the Trap and Skeet facilities of the club during the posted hours of operation. This membership allows the member to purchase trap or skeet rounds for a reduced fee (for current fees see the Trap & Skeet Site). You may purchase an Shotgun Membership at the Clubhouse during the Trap and Skeet Club's hours of operation. Shotgun Membership dues are $130.00 per year. First year members are assessed an initiation fee of $70.00 in addition to their yearly dues.

Full Club Membership:

Full Club Members may use the Rifle and Pistol Ranges and all the other facilities of the club. A discount is applied to trap or skeet rounds purchased (for current fees see the Trap & Skeet Site.)

To apply for Full Club Membership the applicant must:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Be a current member of the National Rifle Association. If you are not, you may apply for a NRA membership, discounted through the club here.
  3. Download, print and complete the Online Membership Application Form. Sign and date the printed application.
  4. Submit your application by mail to Golden Gun Club (mailing address).
  5. Attend the February membership meeting where you will pay your Initiation Fee and First Years Dues. At the meeting you will be assigned to a Range Safety Class, which all new members are required to take. Meetings are held at the Golden VFW Post. This year's new member meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 7:00 PM.
  6. Attend the scheduled range safety class and range orientation following the membership meeting (usually held on a weekend following the meeting, at the range), where upon completion you will recieve your badge and gate combination.

For more information, contact Larry Eckblad by phone: 303-989-8207, or by E-Mail ..

Mailing Address:

Golden Gun Club
PO Box 471
Golden, CO 80402

Monthly Meetings

Applicants for new membership, in order to be admitted into full membership, must attend the February 10, 2015 membership meeting. At the meeting you will take the Range Safety Class followed by the range orientation session on a subsequent weekend day. Monthly Club Business Meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the second Tuesdays of February, May, August and November, at the

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 4171
15626 West 10th Avenue
Golden, CO 80401.

Directions to Golden VFW Post 4171

Take I-70 west past Kipling to the Colfax exit (approx. 5 miles). Exit on Colfax and turn right. Turn right on McIntyre St. (2nd Right). Proceed two blocks to W. 10th Ave. The VFW Post is across 10th Ave. on the left side of McIntyre St.

From the south and west metro area (Littleton, etc.): Take C-470 north to the I-70 exit. Take I-70 eastbound to the Colfax exit. Exit on Colfax and turn left (westbound). Turn right on McIntyre St. (2nd Right). Proceed two blocks to W. 10th Ave. The VFW Post is across 10th Ave. on the left side of McIntyre St.

Map to VFW Post 4171, Golden, CO

(To zoom the map in/out: use the +/- controls. To move the map: Drag and drop the map or use the arrow controls.)

Map to Golden VFW Post 4171 (Google Maps)

Initiation Fee and Yearly Dues

Full Club Membership is currently $155.00 initiation fee with yearly dues of $165.00 per year. All memberships expire March 1st.

Succeeding Year's Dues and Work Bond

A members second year dues will be $165.00 plus the requirement to perform a Work Bond, which is 8 hours of approved work for the club. If a member does not perform a Work Bond, then the annual dues increase by $125.00, for total annual dues of $290.00. The Work Bond is used to reduce the next years dues, not the current year in which the Work Bond is earned.

In your first year of membership, you will have many opportunities to earn a Work Bond. Monthly work parties that perform maintenance work on the range, working at some of the club sponsored matches, hunter sight in during September and October, painting, plumbing, and other handy man work around the Trap and Skeet Clubhouse, are some of the typical projects that allow a work bond to be earned.

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